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Pascal represents:

Sumitomo cryopumps, helium compressors, related accessories and components
Magnetically-levitated (MAGLEV) and bearing-type turbopumps
Ion Pumps, controllers, TSPs and NEGs
Dry Scroll Pumps
High-Throughput Dry Pumps
Kashiyama Dry Pumps
Cryopump repairs of CTI, Oxford Austin, Sumitomo, & other brands
Mass Flow Controllers
Vacuum Hardware and ChambersVacuum Hardware and Chambers
Vacuum ValvesGate, right-angle and specialty valves
Vacuum Instrumentation & gauging
Residual Gas Analyzers (RGAs) and Trace Analytical gas purity monitors
DC Sputtering, Thermal Evap and E-beam Power Supplies
Helium and Argon Leak Detectors
Thin film deposition monitors and quartz crystals
Chillers with precise temperature control
Heater Jackets and Tape
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