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Biography: Paul Hepperle - Inside Sales

Paul is the most recent addition to the Pascal team, joining in early 2016. He is a graduate of University of Mary Washington with a BS in Business Management and Communication, and has 8 years experience in management and logistics. Paul provides inside sales support to customers and the outside sales engineers while providing operations management for the company.

Paul divides his time between work at Pascal and pursuing his graduate degree through New Geneva Theological Seminary. In the fabled but elusive spare time, he enjoys investing in the local community through such organizations as the Civil Air Patrol and the local church where he is a Pastoral Intern.

Some of his personal hobbies include kayaking, photography, long backpacking trips, local and international travel, cooking, ping-pong, tennis, and Ultimate Frisbee. Paul is also the reigning disc golf champion at Pascal. He's good (but the bar is low, so he can't brag too much).

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