Mass Flow

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Mass Flow

Alicat Mass Meter Specs

Alicat Scientific instrumentation provides precise flow control and metering of gases based on atomic mass. Instantaneous reaction time (50ms control, 10ms metering) gives you complete process control. They are pre-programmed for over 30 different gases and gas mixtures. Custom blends are available.

Alicat's ultra-fast reaction times and precision are achieved through a unique design utilizing laminar flow and pressure change internal to the instrument. This substantially reduces the reaction time compared to traditional thermal flow-based controllers. The instruments also can be mounted in any orientation (even upside down) without loss of accuracy, and they do not require a minimum straight inlet pipe, saving space.

Alicat's mass flow devices have dynamic graphical displays with mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, and temperature data. They can be interfaced via common communications protocols (RS-485, etc). All units have NIST traceable calibration.

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